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Shand Mason & Co.
Brussels, Autoworld car museum has this steamer in its collection. It was formerly owned by Delaize, a large Belgian retailer.
Sighting kindly supplied by Kevin M Hoggett. 
Merryweather & Sons ‘Valiants’. 
Daniel Vierman of Eeklo has one in as new working order and there is also one in the “Bakkersmolen” collection at Wildert north of Antwerp.
Sighting kindly supplied by Kevin M Hoggett. 
1868 Merryweather & Sons.
Single cylinder horizontal engine. On display in the Musee du Sapeur-Pompier, Mulhouse, France. Appeared on a 3.30 franc postage stamp to celebrate the ‘Federation Nationale Des Sapeurs-Pompier 1862-1982’ November 1982.

1893 Shand Mason & Sons.
A ‘Double Vertical’ model on display in the Musee des Sapeurs Pompier de la Communaute, Lyon, France. This, apparently, is he largest museum of of its type in Europe. It remained in service until 1919 before being placed in reserve. On his retirement, in 1931, a retiring officer was allowed to purchase the engine. He kept it until his death in 1945 when it was returned to the firemen of Lyon. From 1963 until 1971 it was put on display in an automobile museum in Rochetaillee-on-Saone after which it was reurned to Lyon where it is now on display in the Musee des Sapeurs Pompier de la Communaute.


Rob van de Geer, a member of the Dutch historic fire engine society, Stichting Historisch Brandweermaterieel, informed me that most of the Dutch steam fire engines are built by the Dutch firm Bikkers. Bikkers who worked worked with Merryweather & sons when designing the boilers. The society is presently working on building a full size replica of a Bikkers self propelled steam fire engine. The Hague fire brigade, who once operated four of these, is providing them with a workshop and providing valuble supportfor the project. Their home page has details, in Dutch, as well as photographs showing the progress of the project.
Shand Mason & Co

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Amsterdam “Vecht”
1884 Shand Mason & Co.
London Brigade’ model. 250 gpm capacity. Christened ‘Vecht’, after the river, the engine served Amesterdam fire brigade until 1907 when in was placed in reserve. Ijsseistein bought the engine in 1912, replacing it with a motorized appliance in 1934. In 1976 it was acquired by Stichting Historisch Brandweermaterieel (SHB) who set about restoring it to working order. A task which took 8,000 hours to achieve. This is the oldest working steam engine in Holland. I have visited the web site of Stichting Historisch Brandweermaterieel (SHB) and can recommend it to those with an interest in old fire engines.

Shand mason & Co

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1899 Shand Mason & Co. Amsterdam.
“Cerberus” served with Amsterdam fire brigade for 25 years, until put into reserve on the arrival of a motorised pump. It is an ‘Equilibrium’, triple cylinder pump, weighing over 5 tonnes. It was decommissioned in 1946 and remained neglected until 1976 when it was overhauled and restored to working. Although not the oldest steamer in Holland it is almost certainly the largest working one, probably in Europe. Now on static display in the fire service museum of Hellevoetsluis
Photographkindly provided by Frank Sidney, a fire-fighter in Rotterdam; Holland 

1898 Merryweather & Sons.
‘Valiant’ model mounted on a four wheeled chassis was constructed for a country estate owned Lord Leconfield. Now on display in the Feuerwehr Museum, Salem, Germany.
Merryweather & Sons
The Museum of BPW axle manufacturers in Wiel, Germany, has this steamer which originally came from Belgium.
Sighting kindly supplied by Kevin M Hoggett.
1885 Merryweather & Sons.
‘Greenwich Gem’ model is on display in the Museo Vigili del Fuoro Carte Brianza in Milan.
1902 Shand Mason
The Vigili del fuoco Camando proviciale di Milano Museo has a 1902 Shand Mason “Equilibrum” model which remained in use until 1943. It has been modified at some time for towing by the addition of solid tyred wheels and an ‘A’ frame tow bar.
Merryweather & Sons is on display at the Museo Vigili del Fuoco Mantova in the livery of “Corpo Pompieri Mantova”.

1899 Shand Mason & Co.
Latvia Riga Fire Museum has one of this firms engines on display.
A web site states that it was …”Founded in 1978, the Firefighting Museum of Latvia is located in an Art Nouveau fire station designed in 1911 by architect R. Schmaeling. The museum illustrates the history of firefighting in Latvia from the second half of the 19th century to the present. Firefighters’ equipment, uniforms, awards, photographs and documents
are on display. The exhibition hall holds temporary displays that change regularly.”.
A Lisbon Fire Museum has a small Shand Mason & Co. in its collection. It is not possible to make out many details from the photograph of it but it may be that it is a ‘Volunteer’ ‘A’ size model. Certainly my records show that the city had one of this type in service.
A fire museum in Barcelona has a Merryweather & Sons steamer on display.