Difficulties With Admissions

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As I travel across the United States I see that a lot of undergraduates applying to grad school have the same misconceptions about what this essay should be so I’d like to address some of them in this present so first what a graduate admissions committees consider of course the transcript of your grades they’re going to look at what you’ve taken they’re going to look at the difficulty level and of course they’re going to look at the grade they’re going to look at your graduate record exam scores some individuals on the committee may put a great emphasis on the score others may put less oh look at the application more holistically this is going to vary a great deal they’re going to look at the demonstration that you understand what a career in research is and your passion for research. Prepare your admission with Robotdon.

Not just I did research you know I learn to critically think how do you talk about your understanding of what a career in certain research is and of course letters of recommendation so I’m going to break this down just a little more and at the risk of being glib here I’m going to say when you look at the transcripts of grades the thing you want to remember is the best way to explain a/c is to avoid it so that’s done with foresight instead of hindsight if you have a see here a see there there may be a reason very legitimate reason whatever but the admissions committee is going to get a lot of applications with it from individuals who did not have secrets so you can’t explain them away or multiple seas at least so the best thing you can do is avoid them if you look on this website on undergraduate advising there’s a talk on how to succeed in college in the first three weeks of each semester and what you have to do in that first three weeks to get organized.

To be on top of it to avoid to see is included in that presentation this too will sound glib but how do you handle the GRE the graduate record exam I really can’t give you better advice than to learn it the first time students come to be and they say okay how long am I going to need to study for the GRE well if you learned everything the first time and you’re doing well and you’re just reviewing it then you know it’s going to take X amount of time but if you did poorly or you didn’t understand it real well then clearly it’s going to take more time to try and remediating for the GRE exam so the best advice again is to go back to how to succeed in college in the first three weeks of each semester and look at what you need to do early in the semester to determine that you’re going to do well.