Concepts of Essay Writing

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We’re going to talk about essay writing and I think this is a field where most of you have not practiced too much so far in fact if we talk about I said I think I don’t think any of you would have done essay writing after maybe your class tenth you would have done a little bit of essay writing in school but not too much after that correct am i right has anybody in touch with essay writing during graduation anybody has been in touch no okay so good we’re gonna talk about essay writing but first before I talk to you about the concepts of this in writing.

I want to discuss a little bit on the weightages attached by various Institute’s okay so I’m going to share with you the kind of weights which various Institute’s attached to assay writing okay so that you get a fair idea of what we have to do so if you talk about I am M the bath and anthemic gives a combined 60 percent weight to the P I the VAT and academics course the VAT is the written aptitude test of the essay similarly I am Bangalore gives 15% weight age to the VAT Calcutta gives 10% Lucknow another 10% in the or gives a 15% weight cose code gives a 15% weight to the written aptitude test so anywhere between 15 to 20 to 25% is what the I am czar looking at for the essay.

So there therefore needless to say it is an important component it is a very well-thought-out component and it is something which is not easy to neglect so you can’t just say that I say ho jayega and will excel in the rest of the evaluation parameters you have to do really well in the essay to get through the IMS Edusson nz okay there’s another reason why I feel that the essay is something you need to prepare quite hard is because unlike a GED or discussion oriented evaluation you can’t really leverage other people’s knowledge you have to be knowledgeable yourself you can’t hear somebody else’s point and then build on that point and come out with good content like a GD you have to have the content yourself either you have it or you don’t right so essay writing is totally an individual technique it will reflect your knowledge your content and how you present that content.

That is why I feel essay writing is going to be a challenge for all of us okay so let me come to the different concepts of essay writing first of all let me share the format with you most Institute’s oh man I say most issues I’m talking about the IMS particularly have a minimum 10-minute time component for the essay going up to even half an hour okay some Institute’s even go up to 40 minutes in an essay typically the minimum word lengths that you are allowed to write with is 150 words again it goes up to anywhere up to 350 words as well okay so it’s anywhere between 150 to 350 words and 10 to 30 minutes generally.